The art of Short-film making

We are holding a course on this topic aimed at Afghan youth during Ascension day weekend. The participants are encouraged to use their own experiences and express them through the motion picture medium.

Location: Filmhuset, Borgvägen 1–3, Stockholm

Date & time: 25th–26th May 2016 at 13.00–18.30 (both days). One short break is planned with complimetary tea, cookies and snacks. Participants are encouraged to have a meal before the coursework starts.

Language during the course: Dari

Teacher: Rozbeh Ganjali, cameraman with long experience from TV and movies, e.g. the Swedish film ”Hur många lingon finns det i världen” and TV series ”Torpederna” and ”Saltön”. Rozbeh is himself of Afghan descent and the son of the Afghan moviestar Hamida Abdullah.

Cost: Attendance is free, but registration and subsequent failure to attend will be charged with an admistrative fee of 50 SEK/person.

Technology & equipment: Bring a smartphone if you can.

Registration deadline: 22nd May.

Course plan (tentative)
Day 1
Introduction to the stages of film production, from idea to script to filming and editing. Workshop in screenplay writing.

Homework from day 1:
Write a short screenplay for 1–2 minute film.

Day 2
Screenplay pitching. Filming and editing during the day. Screening of students work in the afternoon.

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Watch A man called Ove subtitled in Dari and meet Bahar Pars!


A man called Ove – subtitled in Dari

Sweden, 2015. 116 min.
Swedish, subtitled in Dari.
Director: Hannes Holm

Ove is an ill-tempered, isolated retiree who spends his days vigorously enforcing housing rules to everyones annoyance and visiting his wife's grave. He has finally given up on life when something unexpected and equally unwanted happens. A new neighbor, in the shape of the pregnant Parvaneh and family, moves in next door. Mangled mailboxes, battered cats and unexpected friendship frames this comedy about love and loved ones gone. The film describes a man with strong principles about justice, fairness and helping others while capturing the present day Sweden.


Meet Bahar Pars

This is a special event from International Comedy Film Festival for Afghan refugee children. First the movie "No entry for men" will be shown,  followed by a discussion led by the female lead from the movie, Bahar Pars. Bahar was born in Iran and has performed in several stage plays, films and TV series. She was nominated to the Swedish Film guild award Guldbaggen for her role in A man called Ove. Bahar will share her experience, about working as an actress in Sweden and about moving to Sweden. The discussion will be held in Persian.

Date:              26 december
Time:             11.30–14.30
Movie:           A man called Ove subtitled in Dari. Read about the movie here.
Guest talk:  The movie is followed by a discussion in Persian led by the female lead character, Bahar Pars.
Place:            Filmhuset, Gärdet, Borgvägen 1–3, Biograf Victor.
Tickets:        110 SEK, registration is required.
Extra:            Coffee/tea and cheese sandwich is included and is served before the movie in the lounge at 11 o' clock.

The International Comedy Film Festival was a guest at Iranian Film Festival Yari

The 25th September International Comedy Film Festival made an appearance on the Iranian Film Festival Yari at the movie theater Park in Stockholm. We showed the drama comedy Zapas. The movie is about a soccer team that advances from division 3 to division 2. One of the players gets hurt and that leads to unexpected consequnces. Suddenly many hidden truths are out in the open.

Movies for students at Biograf Sture 4–5 October

The 4–5 October we invited students from schools around Stockholm to watch one Turkish and one French movie: Girgiriye and Samba.




Turkish, Swedish subtitles.

This movie is a Turkish classic. Güllüye and Bayram is a young couple in love. To get married they have to overcome one obstacle after another that their families put before them. What they don’t know is that Güllüye’s mother, Sabahat, and Bayram’s father, Emin, once was a couple in love and engaged to be married. Now, though, they are bitter enemies and the rivalry between the families is growing every day. Güllüye and Bayram are determined to get married, but will they manage to deal with their battling families?

See trailer here for Girgiriye



French, subtitled in Swedish.

Samba migrated to France ten years ago from Senegal, and has since been plugging away at various lowly jobs. Alice is a senior executive who has recently undergone a burn-out. Both struggle to get out of their dead-end lives. Samba's willing to do whatever it takes to get working papers, while Alice tries to get her life back on track until fate draws them together.

See trailer here for Samba