Culture News in Swedish National Television: “New film festival wants a humour without limits”

Interview in DN with actor Ali Sunal and festival director Nisti Stêrk
November 18, 2014
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May 5, 2015

Karin och Nisti på invigningen 2014




















Nisti Stêrk, co-founder of International Comedy Film Festival together with Karin Rydholm:

-This is a meeting which would never have happened outside of this festival, says Nisti Stêrk, one of the organizers.

Tonight the first International Comedy Film Festival will be inaugurated with a screening of a Swedish classic: “Docking the Boat” (“Att angöra en brygga”). Two of the actors – Gösta Ekman and Birgitta Andersson – will be at the Film House in Stockholm to cut the ribbon. The rest of the festival programme consists of international movies. During four days there will be comedies from the whole world, from China, India, Turkey and Nigeria, to name a few countries.

The Culture News have spoken to the founders of the festival:

– We think that it is important to see that there are comedies made in a lot of different countries. It’s a genre that might be hard to export, since humour is so tightly linked to culture. But today Sweden is a multicultural country with room for all sorts of comedies, says Karin Rydholm, script writer and dramaturge.

See the whole interview here.