Interview in DN with actor Ali Sunal and festival director Nisti Stêrk

Interview with festival director Nisti Stêrk in Swedish Radio P43
November 17, 2014
Culture News in Swedish National Television: “New film festival wants a humour without limits”
November 19, 2014


The International Comedy Film Festival screens the box office hits that are usually only shown in Sweden via the satellite discs. These comedies come from countries whose conflicts we are used to hearing about in the news reports. The festival is held for the first time and wants to tie a closer bond between culture and integration asking the following questions: What makes a Chilean, a Kurd, a Somalian roar with laughter? Which jokes are funny in Turkey? What makes people giggle in Nigeria, China and Palestine?

– Throuhgout my whole career I have been trying to bring people together through laughter. There are large groups of newly arrived Swedes that are only seen with pity, but I want to show that all Swedes have humour, says organizer Nisti Stêrk.

Bahareh Rahnma, the biggest female comedian in Iran, is one of the guests at the festival, and the beloved Turkish actor Ali Sunal, and this has spurred the interest among many new Swedes.

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